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We Believe in Ethical Gardening Practices

Our vision is to create and maintain gardens that connect people with nature. We believe that part of our responsibility is to help educate our clients and the public about sustainable gardening practices.

We live in a very unique and lush region with many species of conifers, deciduous trees and understory shrubs, which help clean our water, air and provide ideal habitat for native wildlife. Unfortunately, those same qualities afford excellent conditions for invasive weeds to flourish. Most invasive weeds started as garden favorites brought over from Europe or China, but with no native plants or animals to keep them under control, they have spread and have now become destructive, replacing essential habitat and in some cases they have become a danger to our health.

For this reason, in order to preserve remaining green spaces, we try to be conscious of the

long-term affects of the gardens that we install and encourage the use of native NW plants and

non-invasive, non-native plants.


There are numerous benefits for using native plants in your landscape. Native plants have had thousands of years to adapt to the Pacific Northwest’s growing conditions. As a result they are very versatile in their soil, sun, and water needs, they require very little maintenance, their water usage is typically low unless they are a bog plant, in which case they are great for rain gardens and they grow well in native soil.

As well as being ideal for problem areas in your garden, native plants are typically more pest and disease resistant, and do not need fertilizers to grow. In addition, they provide a habitat for wildlife that depend on native plants for food and shelter, something vitally important that non-native or exotic plants may disrupt or even destroy.

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