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COVID-19 Update

At this time we are open for pre-order, pick up only. Typically we are a very hands on, give a tour and answer any questions on site kind of nursery, so please forgive the archaic online ordering system and don't hesitate to ask any questions via email. There are no dumb plant questions! Please check out our inventory for available plants. 

Thank you! and stay safe out there. 



Monday, Friday 9:00-4:00

Saturday, Sunday 10:00-4:00



Our Nursery

Rainy Day Flora specializes in native plants of the Northwest, ranging from coastal plants of the PNW to subalpine species from Northern California to the Northern Cascades of Washington State. We also provide a select few non-native species that grow well in our region because we can't resist those (non-invasive) gorgeous colors, exotic textures and fragrant perfumes originating from plants all over the world.


Our nursery has an abundance of demonstration gardens where you can view many of our available plants growing in their preferred environments. In addition, we can give you expert advise on growing native plants in your garden, taking into consideration your existing soil, sun exposure and water availability as well as the critters you may want to encourage to visit. We provide design and installation services for your convenience. 


Our Mission

Rainy Day Flora seeks to educate the public about native plants and the benefits they provide to our local wildlife and surrounding ecosystems. Our goal is to make native plants more available as well as normalize their use in backyard gardens and the greater landscape industry. Through our design influence, we hope to demonstrate that native plants not only play an integral part in environmental sustainability and stewardship but will also provide you with a unique and exquisite display of colors and year round interest.

Plant Pot Return

We will take back all clean, undamaged plastic pots that you purchase from us or other retailers as long as they do not have another company logo, ie Sunset, Monrovia etc.

Please contact us to arrange a drop-off. We appreciate it!

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