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Designs range from simple plant placement and consultation services for clients with gardening experience or old pros who just want a little assistance, to layouts with full instructions, plant names, sizing and care, all drawn out for the garden enthusiast who needs help turning their vision into reality. After an initial consultation meeting, a design will be drafted for your garden based on your individual needs.



So you want to do the heavy lifting yourself, do you? Let me tell you, I LOVE you for it! I will gladly help you sort out the details, guide your vision in the right direction or just give you some general advice on the health of your plants. Our team has special expertise in native plants, trouble spots such as dry, sunny locations or that drainage issue you've been battling with rubber boots and a bucket for years- Maybe it's time for a rain garden? If you just need advice on pruning your fruit trees or ornamental shrubs, we can help with that too! It's a labor of love and we wish you luck and happiness in your toils!


The temptation to visit the gardens I design and install is too great to resist, so I return, year after year to make sure your garden is free from pesky weeds, covered in a lush layer of dark mulch, branches pruned back to size and everything fed with organic fertilizer when needed.



Sometimes you just need a small patio to go with that gorgeous garden or perhaps some stone steps leading to a secret garden or a small retaining wall made out of stacked granite boulders, moss and ferns pouring out of each crevice. Think about it and then call! 

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